Showcase your “Social Proof” on LinkedIn

Nowadays before doing anything – booking a holiday, going to a restaurant, or buying a product – most people will do their homework. They will see if the reviews are positive and ask friends, family and work colleagues for their feedback. This is also true of your business. People will do their research before they come to buy from you. When looking in to your business they might:

  • Look at your LinkedIn profile
  • Look at your website for testimonials
  • Follow you on social channels
  • Sign up to your newsletter.

When someone takes the time to check out your business, you need to give them social proof. This means showing them how you have benefited other businesses already, via LinkedIn recommendations, testimonials on your website, or feedback on social sites. They will also want to know that you are the expert and see what articles you have written, what content you share, etc.

You should have one goal in mind with all of this – getting people to sign up to your mailing list so that you can continue to build that relationship until they are ready to buy from you.

Use LinkedIn to give your business that all important SOCIAL PROOF

Your LinkedIn profile is an excellent way to showcase your social proof and I wanted to share some great examples and tips about how to do this.

LinkedIn Summary

Mari Smith, the Queen of Facebook, uses her summary section to showcase her social proof. Now although I have not seen this done before, in Mari’s case she is extremely well known in the Facebook/social media world and is fantastic, as many others agree. If you were looking for social proof, you would have it in the first two lines of her profile.

Include video testimonials

Sharon Gaskin of The Trainers Training Company has included a video testimonial within her summary section. A great way to show real people loving your business.

Use Projects to link to your website/sales page

Sharon Gaskin also uses the Projects section very well and links to specific pages on her website with more testimonials, both written and in video format. These provide conclusive social proof to convince customers who have yet to decide whether to buy.

LinkedIn Publications

Heather Townsend of The Excedia Group Ltd  has used the publications section in LinkedIn to showcase her books. Not only does the Publication section link directly with Amazon (where she gets 5 star reviews), she also writes the copy on LinkedIn with further social proof.

Heather kindly gave me her view on how effectively LinkedIn works for her:

“Research has shown that nearly 50% of prospects will check you out on LinkedIn before getting in touch. In my experience, I’ve found that to be true. Most of my new clients will have ‘met’ me on social media first, and LinkedIn helps me keep effectively in touch with people who may become a client in the future. I have won several clients directly as a result of them only viewing my LinkedIn profile and deciding they need help to become The Go-To Expert. However, the real power for me of LinkedIn is using it as part of my marketing and network strategy.” 

LinkedIn Cover photo

Heather also uses her book covers in the cover photo on LinkedIn. What a great way to show your expertise as, in my eyes, if you have written a book you must have the knowledge and experience to make it a success.

LinkedIn Publisher

Andrew Foote of LinkedInsights uses the Publisher feature to give people breaking industry news on LinkedIn. His audience, including me, love to read his articles, learn from them and share them with others.

Publishing on LinkedIn has huge benefits due to the reach and exposure it gives you. Do check out two of my previous posts that will help you with LinkedIn Publisher:

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What better social proof can you get than being an award-winning business? I see so many people who I know have won awards and yet they have not included them on their profile. Hence, I have no example to give you! So, if YOU have won an award in your business, share it in the comments below.

I hope you start using your LinkedIn profile to showcase you social proof and if you have added it because of my article, I would love to hear from you.

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