My readers’ questions: What do I ask in a recommendation request?

When I am asked a question that I feel is relevant to all my readers, I love to share it on my blog so that everyone can read the answer. My latest question was:

“What do I ask in a recommendation request?”

I was recently asked this by one of my connections, and it really is a fantastic question. LinkedIn recommendations are a great way to “showcase your social proof” ADD LINK.

LinkedIn generates a generic message when you ask for a recommendation.

When asking a client or an associate for a recommendation you must tailor it; it shows that you are being personable which is key to building those business relationships.

First off, I always feel it is nice to ask if your client would mind giving a LinkedIn recommendation, so pick up the phone or drop them an email. Then send the request.

Subject: Write what the request relates to. i.e. “Recommendation request in relation to XXX”

Start the note with “Dear XXX”.

When asking, be specific about what information you would like the recommendation to include, such as what service it relates to, how your services benefitted your client, what the outcome was. Give them some pointers if you feel this would be helpful.

My tips:

Have a template written up so that you can customise and send it out as relevant.

For more exposure, copy the recommendation onto your website once it is done.

Make sure you give recommendations to others.

I hope this helps, however if you need any more clarification, please do get in touch.

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