My readers’ questions: How do I view my LinkedIn updates?

When I am asked a question that I feel is relevant to all my readers, I love to share it on my blog so that everyone can read the answer. My latest question was:

“How do I view my LinkedIn updates?”

I was recently asked the above by one of my clients. Last year LinkedIn stopped showing your updates in your news feed. The way to see them now is described below:

  • Go into your profile.
  • Click on the arrow next to the “view profile as” button.
  • Select “my updates”.
  • You will then be shown your last month of updates.

Why might you want to view your LinkedIn updates?

  • You may want to share one of your updates with certain individuals or groups.
  • You may have posted a link that you want to email to someone.

I hope this helps, however if you need any more clarification, please do get in touch.

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