LinkedIn Company Pages – Your Questions Answered

I have recently been asked by a number of people why you might need a LinkedIn Company page. I thought I’d answer in a post so that you can share with your connections should you wish.

The first thing people ask is, “Do I need a personal profile and a company page?” – my answer varies:

If you want to establish your brand, then launch your company page.

If you want a central hub for your business, a place to share great content and show your company as the expert, then launch your company page.

If you want to encourage your employees to become brand advocates, share the content and expand your company reach, then link everyone to your company page.

However, if you are just starting out, concentrate on developing your profile and establishing your connections and look at your company page at a later date.

Some of my clients also have their profile as their company page. For instance, their profile shows their logo instead of their picture, or they have their company name instead of their personal name. This is something I definitely advise against and it should be changed straight away. Your profile is YOU the person behind your business – people do business with people, so always connect and engage with people as you.

So, if you feel you may be ready to take that next step of launching your company page, then please read on.

The benefits of having a LinkedIn company page:

  • Reach more customers – 400 million people use LinkedIn.
  • Answer your customer questions – become The Expert.
  • Involve your employees/team.
  • Increase your Google ranking, LinkedIn company pages rank very high in Google.
  • Drive more traffic to your website.
  • If you have different roles or companies you can have separate company pages for each.

Key information to include when you set up your company page:

  • Banner Image
  • Logo
  • Description of your company, including:
    • Specialities
    • Key products and services
    • Why your company is unique
    • Background about the company
    • Call to action.
  • Add in your specialities, these act as keywords in your company page.
  • Your website address.

Effective LinkedIn company pages:

  • Include images to encourage click-throughs.
  • Encourage your staff/team to get involved to create brand advocates.
  • Plan ahead and align your LinkedIn content plan with your overall content plan.
  • Post fantastic and engaging content. 
  • Be consistent – aim for 1 – 5 posts a week, they say the best times to post are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at either 7:30–8:30am, 12 p.m or between 5pm–6 pm, and also Tuesdays at 10am –11am, but see what works well with your audience.
  • Evaluate your content with LinkedIn company page analytics, so you know what your audience is reading and liking.

Content to post to your company page:

  • Your blog posts – draw people to your website.
  • Add links to your LinkedIn publisher posts to generate more views.
  • Share company news or announcements.
  • Industry information – you don’t just need to share your content. Share third party articles if they are useful to your readers.
  • Upload presentations to Slideshare and share on your company page.
  • With videos becoming the future, add videos from your YouTube channel or ones that will inform and educate your audience.

Continually build and increase your company page followers by:

  • Adding a follow button on your website.
  • Telling people about your LinkedIn company page.
  • Emailing your contacts when you launch your page.
  • Adding your LinkedIn company page URL to your email: PAGE NAME

The key with any LinkedIn company page is to be consistent, give value, and continually build your followers. If you are just starting your company page, look at your competitors and influencers for inspiration and see what you can learn from what they are doing.

Your LinkedIn company page will work brilliantly alongside your other marketing efforts. Just make sure you have specific goals and aims in mind so that you can measure whether what you are doing is working.

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