How to use LinkedIn to promote your event

LinkedIn is a fantastic tool to spread the word about your event – if done correctly of course.

Now there is no point thinking “I know I haven’t used LinkedIn in ages but I’m sure I’ll get some sign ups if I put some status updates out every day this week and put an update in every group I’m a member of” the simple answer is that won’t work at all. 

Use these pointers to use LinkedIn effectively for your event success:

  • Make sure your profile is up to date, with relevant links and information about your event.
  • Be a regular user on LinkedIn, so people know who you are and that you’re a specialist in the area of your event.
  • I am sure you have a plan for all your events, make sure you start the promotion well in advance, a few months if you can.
  • Make sure you check the group rules, as posting about your event may be considered promotion; you may need to post in the promotions section in the group.
  • If you are going to use groups, make sure you are giving valuable content and creating conversation before you post about your event.
  • Connect with all the attendees of your event on LinkedIn, if they are attending they may want to comment or Like your posts to spread the word.
  • Put a status update out about once a week about your event. Be creative and give people a bit of information from the event to make them want to read more. Do not use the same message each week either and make sure you put other updates out too.
  • Include a direct link either in the status update or when posting in groups, to enable people to easily book on your event. You could use Eventbrite or Ticket Taylor to take bookings.
  • Look at your connections, who do you think would want to attend your event. Send them a private, personalised message with all the information. Don’t forget you may need to do a separate follow up.
  • Who can spread the word about your event – look at your influencers, can you work with them to get PR for your event. Perhaps get interviewed, do a talk or guest blog. This will get you and your event noticed.
  • Write articles for LinkedIn publisher with a link to your website or event page at the bottom. Make sure you are giving valuable content, so they know you are the expert in this field.

Other ways to promote your event:

To make your event a complete success, you need to make sure you are networking; calling people who you think would like to attend, telling everyone you know, as well as using other forms of social media, if of course, your target market are using these channels too.

Build Your Email List

You will need to keep an email list of people who are either potentials or couldn’t make your initial date. You want to capture them for the next event, so keeping them informed of the future dates is essential.

You can also email your current email list (I am hoping you have one of these) about your event – people that know and trust you are far more likely to either attend the event themselves or recommend it to someone they know.

To conclude, you really want to have a plan on how you will promote your event, make sure your efforts are working as time is precious.

Do you have any tips on how you use LinkedIn or any other ways to fill your events; I would love to hear from you.

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