Don’t miss out on your ‘Call to Action’

Do you add a Call to Action or ‘CTA’ at the end of your LinkedIn publisher post or blog post? If your answer is NO, I would strongly advise you to add one.


CTAs are really important as you need to tell your readers what to do next – visit your website, sign up to your newsletter, follow your LinkedIn company page. Your aim should be to continue to build on the relationship with them until they are at a point to buy from you. 

LinkedIn is ranked very highly in Google so you may find your readers could find you post through a Google search. I would therefore advise that you add a short bio about you and your business – people will then know if they want to connect with you on LinkedIn.

Your blog will also rank highly in Google should you have a relevant SEO plug-in on your website.

You do need to make sure your content is relevant to your target audience, and informative, so that your readers like and share your content.


So what to add? It depends on what you’re writing about and what you want your readers to do next:

  • Are you hosting an event or workshop? – Link to the booking page.
  • Have you written a post outlining the benefits of your services? – Link to your website.
  • Do you want to keep in touch with your readers? Ask them to follow your LinkedIn company page.
  • Got more information you want to share with your reader? Ask them to sign up to your newsletter. This could be done by a link to a sign-up page or you could add a plug-in at the bottom of your blog to subscribe directly to your newsletter – see mine here. 
  • Do you want a response from your readers? Add a comment function on your blog. On LinkedIn publisher readers can like, share or comment on your post. Don’t forget that with all comments it’s polite to say thank you.


Keep your CTA in a word document so you can copy it into a blog post or LinkedIn publisher post. You can edit your posts to add this even if you have already published your content.

Blogs are all different. Mine is integrated on my WordPress and I can update any post I write, so do ask your IT support if you need help to do this. For your LinkedIn posts, you can also edit a post once it’s published.


It’s very important to see which posts resonate with your readers. You can do this using Google Analytics to look at how many views those pages get on your website, or by looking at the LinkedIn publisher analytics.

You can also see if you get more sign-ups to your newsletter, or bookings on your workshops. Just remember that you will need to do more than just write articles when marketing your business. Do read this article for tips on getting maximum exposure for your posts; 12 ways to guarantee more views, likes & comments to your LinkedIn posts

Here is what I put at the bottom of my Blog Post footer:

What to do now:

About me:

Jade Pluck owner of LinkedIn to Success, not only writes your LinkedIn profile so that you get found by potential clients, but most importantly teaches you how to use it effectively, so that you gain more business from it.

LinkedIn is an essential business tool that utilises your business connections to grow your business, so it is essential to make sure your profile is complete and that you are using it regularly in your business.

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Do you add a CTA on your LinkedIn publisher posts or blog posts? Answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ below.