Content ideas for LinkedIn Publisher

When I do my LinkedIn training, I talk about “showing yourself as the expert”.  One of the best ways to do this with LinkedIn is via LinkedIn Publisher. Showcase your best content with all your connections and your followers.

If you are struggling with ideas on what to write about, I hope you get inspiration from my list below:

  1. Answer your clients’ questions – what do you get asked regularly by your clients? Turn this into a post.
  2. Videos – can you record a short clip that will help and inform your audience?
  3. Interview Influencers – by doing this you will capture your readers’ attention as they may know this influencer; plus your influencer may share your post with their contacts – giving your post extra visibility!
  4. Video testimonials – get a client to rave about one of your services and the benefits it’s given them. Write a post about this, outlining a few key points, and add the video.
  5. Infographics – a great way of showing a lot of stats (and I love stats). Share them in your area to show people they need to work with you.
  6. Pictures – your business might be very visual and a picture might show an aspect of what you do. Post this with a description.
  7. Link to other people’s articles/posts – if you see a post that you love, build your post around it and copy in the link that inspired you. Share this with the person who wrote the original post and I am sure they will share it for you.

My tips:

  • Have a content plan and know what you are going to write about.
  • Plan where you will share your post once published. As you can see from the image below, you can share as a status update, to groups or individuals via LinkedIn or to Facebook, Google + and Twitter.
  • Mix up the content at a later date and add it to your website (Google does not like repeated content).
  • If you’re just starting out, get your close contacts to Like and Comment on your post and do the same for them. Your post will then get a higher reach.
  • Publish regularly; aim for once a month if you’re just starting out.
  • Get as many views of your post as possible – you may get picked up by LinkedIn Pulse. WOW.
  • Think about the influencers you want to reach and how you can include them in your posts 

I would love to know what you like to write about; please let me know in the comments below.

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