8 “All Star” LinkedIn profile tips

Have you thought about the implications of having an incomplete LinkedIn profile? What if your profile was
missing a profile picture, had outdated information, or had no contact details?  That potential client could look elsewhere. Plus, having an incomplete profile means that you will be ranked lower than others when people are searching with keywords relevant to you and your industry. In comparison, if you have a complete “All Star” 8 “All Star” LinkedIn profile tipsprofile, you will be ranked higher in LinkedIn searches.

In this day and age, you have a matter of seconds to capture someone’s attention. So why not have a complete, compelling profile that makes people want to connect with you?

LinkedIn is ranked very highly on Google. If people do a search for you or your business, the chances are that your LinkedIn profile will be on that first page in Google, so make sure that your website and LinkedIn profile are aligned with the same information.

Now on with my tips…

1.    LinkedIn Photo

Show you, the person behind your business. Remember, people do business with people and if you want people to connect with you, your photo is key! My advice – get a professional headshot done. Don’t forget you can use the same image across all your social sites, to help create brand consistency.

2.    Professional headline

This tells people what you do in 120 characters. Make it interesting and be creative – tell people how you can help them.  Although ‘Company Owner’ is quite often still used, it will mean you are missing out on being found in the advanced search with keywords.

My headline reads:

Jade Pluck LinkedIn headline

3.    LinkedIn URL

The screenshot below shows my URL:

LinkedIn URL

Make yours unique with your name or company name. It makes it a lot neater and easy to remember when you add it to things such as your business cards or email signature.

4.    Contact information

It is essential that you include all the necessary information for your potential clients to contact you:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Skype ID
  • Twitter ID
  • Websites – don’t forget to use all three spaces
  • Location and Industry.

5.    LinkedIn Summary

Use this space to tell your story. Tell people the benefits of working with your company and how you differ from everyone else. Don’t forget to add in a ‘call to action’ (CTA) – what you want your readers to do next. Add in those all-important keywords too. Do also include any documents, papers, images, and videos that back up how amazing your company is.

6.    Experience

Include your current position and two previous positions to get the “All Star” profile; don’t forget:

  • Link to the company if they are on LinkedIn
  • Add in keywords
  • Go into more detail about your services and the all-important benefits
  • Add a CTA (call to action).

7.    Social proof

There are two ways to show people real proof of how beneficial your services are – Recommendations and Endorsements.

  • Recommendations – ask your clients for recommendations and get them to be specific if you can. You can add relevant detail when you send the request through to them.
  • Endorsements – Add up to 50 skills and ask clients to endorse you for the skills you have used when working with them. Actively endorse others – make it part of your weekly routine.

8.    Expand your connections

You need 50 connections to get the “All Star” status. Connect with all the people you know from previous roles, plus all your current clients and connections. Don’t forget to add a personal note when you connect.

I hope you are inspired to complete your profile and gain ‘All Star” status. Don’t forget to update it every few months. When you make the odd update, ensure you notify your network as it’s always beneficial to draw people’s attention to whatever you’ve added, for example, a new role or skill. However if you are making lots of updates, turn off the notifications as you don’t want to annoy your connections with 10 new updates.

(As at April 2015, this is what you need to do to get an “All Star” profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn does change things from time to time.)


What to do now:

About me:

Jade Pluck, owner of LinkedIn to Success, not only writes your LinkedIn profile so that you get found by potential clients, but most importantly teaches you how to use it effectively, so that you gain more business from it.

LinkedIn is a key business tool that utilises your business connections to grow your business. So, it is essential to make sure your profile is complete and use LinkedIn regularly in your business.

For more information, please look at my website www.linkedintosuccess.co.uk